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Indole and its derivatives
Quinoline and its derivatives
Imidazole and its derivatives
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Products name CAS Rn Chemical structure Order
A311 Fischer's aldehyde 84-83-3 ω醛 Order
A212 Indapamide 26807-65-8 吲哒帕胺 Order
A001 Indole 120-72-9 吲哚 Order
A206 Indole-2-carboxylic acid 1477-50-5 吲哚-2-甲酸 Order
A207 Indole-2-carboxylic acid ethyl ester 3770-50-1 吲哚-2-甲酸乙酯 Order
A214 Oxindole 59-48-3 吲哚-2-酮 Order
A314 3-Indolepropionic acid 830-96-6 吲哚-3-丙酸 Order
A301 Indole-3-carboxylic acid 771-50-6 吲哚-3-甲酸 Order
A303 Methyl indole-3- carboxylate 942-24-5 吲哚-3-甲酸甲酯 Order
A305 Indole-3- methanol 700-06-1 吲哚-3-甲醇 Order

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