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Indole and its derivatives
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Products name CAS Rn Chemical structure Order
A516 5-Chloro-2-methylene-1.3.3-trimethylindoline 6872-17-9 5-氯-1.3.3-三甲基-2-亚甲基吲哚啉 Order
A511 5-Chloro-2.3.3-Trimethylindolenine 25981-83-3 5-氯-2.3.3-三甲基吲哚 Order
A509 5-Cyanoindole 15861-24-2 5-氰吲哚 Order
A523 5-Bromo-2-methylindole 1075-34-9 5-溴-2-甲基吲哚 Order
A703 5-Bromo-7-nitroindoline 80166-90-1 5-溴-7-硝基吲哚啉 Order
A507 5-Bromoindole 10075-50-0 5-溴吲哚 Order
A508 5-Bromoindoline 22190-33-6 5-溴吲哚啉 Order
A513 5- Methoxy -2.3.3-trimethylindolenine 31241-19-7 5-甲氧基-2.3.3-三甲基吲哚 Order
A502 5-Methoxyindole 1006-94-6 5-甲氧基吲哚 Order
A522 5-Methoxyindole-3-carboxaldehyde 10601-19-1 5-甲氧基吲哚-3-甲醛 Order

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