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Indole and its derivatives
Quinoline and its derivatives
Imidazole and its derivatives
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Products name CAS Rn Chemical structure Order
A806 2-Methyl benz[c.d]indole perchlorate 2-甲基苯并[c,d]吲哚高氯酸盐 Order
A209 2-Phenyl indole 948-65-2 2-苯基吲哚 Order
A803 2.3-Dimethyl-benz[e]indole 55970-05-3 2.3-二甲基-4.5-苯并吲哚 Order
A307 2.3-Dimethylindole 91-55-4 2.3-二甲基吲哚 Order
A804 2.3.3-Trimethyl-3H-benzo [e]indole 41532-84-7 2.3.3-三甲基-4.5-苯并吲哚 Order
A805 2.3.3-Trimethyl-3H-benzo[g]indole 74470-85-2 2.3.3-三甲基-6.7-苯并吲哚 Order
A312 2.3.3-Trimethylindolenine 1640-39-7 2.3.3-三甲基吲哚 Order
A515 25981-82-2四甲基吲哚 Order
A520 2,5-Dimethylindole 1196-79-8 2.5-二甲基吲哚 Order
A808 3-Butyl-1,1,2-trimethyl-1H-benz[e]indolium iodide 137107-72-3 3-丁基-1.1.2-三甲基-1H-苯并【e】吲哚 Order

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